​        ​  We are a church founded on biblical principles and love. Founded in 2015 by our Senior Pastor Dr. Edward Ross and First Lady Shelia Ross, we strive to exhibit the abundant love of Jesus Christ in word and deed. With six ministry arms such as ManUp, P.E.A.R.L.S, Usher and Nurses, Youth, Music Creative Arts, and EQUIPPED, we diligently seek to meet the needs of the entire family. This is the church designed with you in mind.  We embrace all people with the love of Christ.  We believe that is the will of God for all mankind to live and worship in harmony.  In our presence, you will be treated with love and respect as God intended for all of creation.  We would cherish the opportunity to demonstrate to you the love of the Father.  We work to positively affect our community and the world.  We partner with several organizations to help those in need and to improve the quality of life in this city and abroad.  We have a vision to one day impact the world with talents and gifts given to us by God.

                                                - Pastor and First Lady Edward Ross

Our Motto: Building Relationships Through The Love Of Christ​

​Our Mission: To Help You Explore Your Relationship With God And Improve Those Meaningful Relationships In Life.


About Us